Towers & Bridges Spirits

Metalcore from Munich. "Spirits" out now!


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Terminus 2020

1. Terminus 03:27
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Spirits 2017

1. Intro 1:15
2. Equality 3:39
3. Split Personality 3:21
4. PMA 3:24
5. Read Between The Lines 3:14
6. I Am Phoenix 3:15
7. Unheard Prayers 5:08
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Breakwaters 2015

1. Legions Of The Damned 03:17
2. We Are The Anchor 02:43
3. Breakwaters 03:20
4. Hunting The Colossus 03:38
5. Drawn In Flames 03:34
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Coming from the depths of the german underground the munich-based metalcore monster TOWERS & BRIDGES is set to destroy.

Ultimate heavy and incredibly catchy at the same time, the connecting spirit of the four friends is the common love for metalcore classics like the early tunes of Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying and Killswitch Engage.

The attempt is to transfer this glorious sound of our youth to the current decade, pure and addictive as we all ask for. To reach the goal of giving you the best possible metalcore experience, TOWERS & BRIDGES brings some top notch experience into the game with musicians, who played more than half of their lives together. Not to forget the almighty power of genuine friendship through all those years! After two EPs and several line-up changes, the band is ready to get things straight.

The new age begins now! TERMINUS is out to get you!


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Maximilian Bopfinger
089 95495814
Birkenstraße 8
85247 Schwabhausen